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Making A Difference

Our goal is to get you to think for yourself and stop letting
other people tell you how to act and feel. We listen to your
concerns and tackle those issues.
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Issues That Matter The Most

Just like you, we've been through some trying moments.
|We don't waste time with endless rhetoric or babble.
No matter how painful it is, we talk it out with you.

LGBTQ Rights

Eric Crossley is open about his gay lifestyle and hopes to bring light to issues that still remain in darkness.

Anti-Bullying Cause

As a youth, Eric Crossley was bullied and harassed. Today, he calls out any bully who enjoys hurting others.

Political Discussion

Best known for his political beliefs, Eric doesn't have a problem seeking the truth from today's politicians.

News Coverage

Whenever there is news breaking from anywhere around the world you can count on Eric to bring it to you.

Production Values

A Genuine Radio Show

Not some amateur podcast

Are we full of ourselves? No. We're in touch with reality. Why produce garbage and call it something worthwhile? We take every minute of the programme, its topics and our guests seriously. We value you our listener. Why wouldn't we bring you only the best in radio?

Personal Issues

Because You Are Worthwhile

We value you as much as we value ourselves. You have issues that
matter to us and we want to share those moments of discovery
in your life. We're together on the journey with you when you want.

Social Life

Stop Hate

Eric has years of experience in work with people who are outcast and not generally accepted by society.

Healthy You

Medical Wonders

Every topic you can think of that can affect any man, woman or child is the topics we dive into for better living.

Political Arena

Donkey vs Elephant

Politics in today's world are so messy and it takes someone with the right understanding to guide us through it.

History Alive

Remember when...?

The host had humble beginnings as a science teacher and his love for the written word is still alive and well.

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Meet The Team

We love to have fun here at the show, but it's also a lot
of hard work. Meet the geniuses behind the scenes.

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